Plasma Shield Lvl 1

A Lvl 1 Plasma Shield.

The Plasma Shield is a special type of Shuriken. It is unusual in a way that it can't be thrown nor use it's AOE attack. When activated, it simply creates a shield around Ken Ogawa, which blocks all enemies attacks, though later upgrades will also allow the shield to reflect also projectiles and finaly knock away any close by enemies. The shield lasts until player's Chi bar is depleted. Like Cyclone Shuriken, Flame Shuriken and Lightning Shuriken, it too can be upgraded to Lvl 3 maximum.


  • Lvl 1 Plasma Shield's description says that only the Master Ninjas can use this technique. This supports the fact, that you must finish the game on Hard difficulty first, before you can unlock & use it.
  • Kanbe Ogawa also creates a similar shield around himself during the battle in Mission 8. The shield can only be broken with Ninja Blade (True).